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Part 1 - the idea

It was now a little over 2 years ago when I was at the Gave & Interior trade fair in Oslo. One of the trade fairs where you can order all the beautiful home accessories. And you are only allowed in as a dealer.

We happened to be in Oslo (my friend, his brother and his family live there) and we took a 2 hour detour to visit the fair.

I was in heaven! I was completely dizzy, all the great exhibition stands, all the great products, all the creativity and inspiration. That was really an experience.

Well, it wasn't entirely a coincidence, I had already prepared to place my first order at Bloomingville a few days before. Of course I was a very small "fish" among all the buyers who walked through the stands followed by the respective salesperson who was busy typing the order into the iPad... of the 3 of the 5 of the 8... God I was jealous, that I wanted too. That's what I did :-) just always the minimum order quantity.

Back in Lillehammer, I first had to sort through all the many impressions. The next day we looked at the very beautiful town of Lillehammer. And I discovered an incredibly beautiful shop there for home accessories and clothes. folk rover

a WHOLE house full of home accessories and clothes!

great product presentation!

Combination of metal, wood, textiles and ceramics

I won't forget this "living house" any time soon.