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My name is Daniela Witzig aka #fraubutik, owner of the interiør butik

Briefly about me

Since my training at Ikea as a decoration designer, I have been working with the Scandinavian living style. At Ikea, as an interior designer, I was responsible for the sample rooms in the exhibition and even back then I loved creating great atmospheres with the furnishings.

A visit to one of the most beautiful shops I've ever been to in Lillehammer in 2012 awakened this desire in me to want to have a shop like that. But this desire still had to mature a bit... you don't do something like that overnight.

In 2012 I started WOHNLI.CH alongside my job at Ikea. Why not pass on my knowledge about the facility? I still offer housing consultations as time permits.

The online shop for home accessories was added in 2013.

In 2015 I opened the small boutique at the previous location in Basel. At the same time, I still worked 30% at Ikea and opened the boutique from Wed-Sat. I always call it “Self-employment for the scaredy-cats”

2018 came a new exciting project. In October I opened the concept store HEJKØH on Spalenberg with my business partner. Now I finally had to break away from Ikea because 2 stores and Ikea no longer worked.

At the end of 2021 I left the successful concept store because it was no longer right for me. Running 2 stores is absolutely possible but not the way I imagine it. I order the products and know exactly what I will combine and decorate them with. This was simply no longer possible due to the workload of two shops. Back to small - back to me

2022 But fate didn't let me rest for long. At the beginning of January I received an offer from the new and larger boutique. I couldn't say no, especially since the small boutique with its almost 16 square meters was really at its limit and I was commuting between 3 warehouses of goods.

In April 2022 I opened the new and larger boutique where we are still today. We feel comfortable, everyone has enough space, even the strollers.

And now to the boutique

interiør butik - Home accessories from Scandinavia is a small boutique where you can be inspired by Nordic design, always discover new things and find gifts - for yourself or for others. A boutique where the ambience is right and you feel comfortable (typically Nordic). A boutique in which the different products are combined with a lot of love and feeling for shapes, colors and materials.

The butik's range offers everything you need to make your home a little more Scandinavian and cozy. From various home accessories, textiles, kitchen accessories to stationery products, jewelry and bags. So there is something for everyone. I myself am a fan of simple Nordic design, straight and graphic shapes and patterns in natural color combinations. That's why the boutique only stocks products that I like. All products are also available in the online shop for those who don't live around the corner from Basel.

My vision

I want a group of best friends to go to the boutique because they've always wanted to see it and because they want to have a great day with great memories with their friends. That's why I'm always so happy when you tell me:

we come from... especially for the boutique ♡


Behind every strong woman there is a strong man and a sweet dog :-)

That is #herrbutik

It started with the fact that my manufacturer no longer had these beautiful benches and #herrbutik didn't really feel like doing his office job anymore. Then he started producing Bänkli & Brättli for the boutique and asked himself the question:

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail

A few years and losses in the family led him to buy a camper and expand it according to #fraubutik's wishes.

Since March 2022, #herrbutik has been self-employed in the areas of van expansion, woodwork and assembly. Of course, he also installed all the fixtures, the counter, the kitchen and many smaller things in the new boutique. It could also be that #herrbutik will pack your online orders or greet you in the boutique. #familybusiness

If you ever need someone to build you the furniture you want, your dream van or just hang up a few pictures. You know now.


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