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Part 2 - a name is needed

As you read in the last blog, the idea came about 2 years ago and I had the name for my shop in mind for about the same amount of time.

But this one wasn't the same as today, it was completely different...

but now from the beginning...

My desired name was Nordic Living. beautiful or? ;-)

Of course I looked around on the internet to see if it was still available and not already taken. So I thought, oh... let's make it quick and easy to register with the commercial register. But think about it... the lawyer got in touch and according to Wipo (that's an international register where all sorts of companies can protect their names and brands) Nordic Living was registered in Norway. So now... either I could take a risk and use the name anyway and hope that you don't come up with it or look for another one... quickly...

a new name is needed...but quickly...

a new name? Hmm, not so easy after Nordic Living had been buzzing around in my head for 2 years.

and then under time pressure? To be honest, I first wrote to the company in Norway that protected Nordic Living to ask whether I could use their name for my small shop. It doesn't cost anything to ask, right... and I think the most honest way is still the best.

2nd option would be to use LIVINGLY. It's just a shame that this one was already registered by bon prix (!), and I also wanted something new.

3. out of about 20 ideas, find out which one is 1. not protected, 2. which doesn't exist yet and 3. which one I like...

I'm telling you... that was the most difficult thing about opening the store so far (apart from finding the store, of course ;-)

But at some point I had to decide, or rather on a Friday ;-) it had to be a name that looked nice, sounded nice and sounded Scandinavian. Because after all, all my home accessories come from there. and that's how interiør butik (pronounced interiör butik) came into being.

how do you find him??

ps a few days after I decided on the new name, Nordic Living got in touch. with a nice refusal that I am not allowed to use her name.

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