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Blush Indigo

Bracelet Bali Beach – Nusa Penida

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The bracelet Nusa Penida puts you in the summer mood with its colorful rocaille mix of frosted pink, egg yolk yellow, indigo blue and white. Golden pearls add elegant accents and a freshwater pearl perfects the island feeling.

The bracelet is 17 cm long and can be extended by 2 cm. All metal parts used are made of 24k gold-plated brass and come from Germany and Italy. It is a rice-shaped freshwater pearl with a diameter of 5-6 mm.

Our Bali Beach collection is a colorful seed bead mix of matching necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Shaken and stirred, with a good splash of neon and freshwater pearls. Your summer cocktail mix is ​​ready. Happy hour? Always!


If you only order one or two... bracelets / anklets from Indigo Blush, we can send them to you in an envelope. In this case, shipping will only cost you CHF 1 (if your purchase value is less than CHF 75). We will then be happy to refund you the overpaid CHF 7.-.