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Ring 10 from the new Creatives Collection from the Finds. The rings from this collection have an organically wavy shape and can be wonderfully combined together. Whether just one or several depending on how you feel right now.

A unique design with a fine brushed structure. Made from 20% recycled gold.

Color: Gold
Material: Brass with 3 layers of 18k gold
Size: between 5mm & 8.5mm
Gr. 52 (∅ inside 16.5mm)
Gr. 54 (∅ inside 17mm)
Gr. 56 (∅ inside 18mm)
Gr. 58 (∅ inside 18.5mm)
Gr. 60 (∅ inside 19mm)
Care: Avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals and perfumes
More information:
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100% nickel free
  • Water-resistant, the piece of jewelry retains its shine
  • The gold plating is made in Paris by skilled craftsmen

Is your size not included? I would be happy to order these for you. Just write me a message at info@interior-butik.ch