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Mellow Mind

Soap dish oak | round Ø 8.5cm

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The beautiful soap dish from the Danish label Mellow Minds is made from a piece of solid FSC-certified oak. The round, minimalist design makes it a real space miracle that can stand at a small sink or on the bathroom shelf. It fits the size of all Mellow Minds soap and shampoo bars, but other common soaps also find space in the beautiful shelf. The wooden bowl has a hole in the middle of the bottom so that the water can drain out of the soap and shampoo bars. This way the product dries between uses and lasts as long as possible.
In addition to its function, the bowl is an aesthetic element that fits elegantly into any interior. You can also use it to store jewelry or other decorative items. 

Material: FSC certified oak wood treated with natural oil and wax
Suitable for: all solid soap bars
Size: Ø 8.5cm
Care: Over time the wood will patina. Daily contact with soap and water causes the wood to develop a darker color.
Uneven moisture distribution can cause cracks and holes. To avoid this, we recommend following Mellow Minds care instructions:
Wipe away excess soap and water from the soap dish and countertop daily. Daily cleaning is done with a soft cloth wrung out in clean water. Avoid using cleaning products that contain chemicals.
Sustainability: Like Mellow Minds soaps, the soap dishes are handmade locally in Kolding, Denmark in smaller batches, so there may be slight variations in shape and color. The environment and climate are taken into account during production. The wood is FSC certified oak wood treated with natural oil and wax.