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JUL scented candle I gift box small

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This JUL scented candle comes in a beautiful gift box and has 2 cotton wicks. The oak wood lid makes it even more elegant
JUL means Christmas in Swedish and smells exactly like that.
It gives your room a Christmas atmosphere thanks to scents of gingerbread, honey and cloves.

Red color
Material: Swedish rapeseed wax, FCS certified oak wood, cotton wick
Size: h: 5.6cm ∅ 8cm
Burning time: up to 20 hours
Contents: 90g
Application: Always let the upper part of the candle become liquid (then turn it off or let it continue to burn) this prevents a crater from forming and the candle burns nicely. After extinguishing, always dip the wick briefly into the hot wax.
Further information: Made in Sweden